Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Simple Ways to Surprise Your Partner on Your Anniversary

Celebrating your anniversary is one of the best moments that you and your partner can enjoy for one whole day. This event should be celebrated with no disturbances in terms of work or other activities and must only focus on joyfully spending time together and make it an unforgettable moment that both of you will remember and treasure forever.

To make this day more special, you have do something to surprise your partner and make her extremely happy. There are a lot ways for you to do that, but what is really important is your effort of whole-heartedly making the love of your life feels your genuine affection. Here are some simple ways that you can follow:

1. You can prepare a 24-hour anniversary activity list. With this kind of surprise, you will start celebrating your anniversary at the very moment the clock reaches 12 midnight of your awaited date.

To surprise your partner, you can start by giving a warm hug while she is asleep and whisper your greetings together with a sincere "I LOVE YOU". With this simply way, your partner will surely love such romantic surprise because it is unexpected to start your celebration at the very second the time reaches your anniversary's date.

Then when morning comes, you can already show your sweetheart the different events that you have planned to make your whole day special. And your celebration will end until the clock reaches midnight again.

2· You can be your partner's romantic slave for a day. With this kind of surprise, you have to do everything for your partner in a romantic way. Nothing can compare serving the love of your life with all of your efforts to express how much you appreciate and love her. In return, your partner will show you her extreme happiness and love for you.

3· You can give her a passionate kiss, a sincere greeting, and a surprise anniversary card. This is known as the simplest ways to surprise you partner and the most effective methods of expressing all your feelings for her.

4· You can prepare a gift, which your partner would never expect and that perfect gift would be a set of elegant jewelleries. This will surely be an excellent way to surprise your partner since such gift is just too expensive for you to buy. So this simply means that you have to save a portion of your monthly allowance until that special will come.

As you can see, these are just some simple ideas that you can try but you are assured that these are 100% effective ways to surprise your partner on your anniversary.

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